Character Createion

Character Creation Guidelines

The world of H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos is set in the 1920's and for the purposes of this campaign, mostly America. And while there are definitely strange and occult matters that will be investigaed, regular magic isn't something understood or explored, even by many of the most foolhardy adventurers. At least not if they want to stay sane. You obviously also won't be doing things you might otherwsie assume in a more modern setting, like hacking computers, always having a phone available, etc. Because of these restrictions, some Types, Descriptors, and Foci are not available in this game. Listed below are your options for character creation:






Calculates the Incalculable

Conducts Wierd Science

Crafts Unique Objects

Doesn't Do Much


Explores Dark Places

Fights Dirty

Focuses Mind over Matter

Hunts Outcasts

Hunts with Great Skill


Interprets the Law

Is Idolized by Millions

Is Licensed to Carry


Looks for Trouble

Masters Weaponry

Moves Like a Cat


Needs no Weapon

Never Says Die

Operates Undercover

Sees Beyond

Separates Mind from Body

Slays Monsters

Solves Mysteries

Throws with Deadly Accuracy

Wields Two Weapons at Once

Works the Back Alleys

Works the System

Would Rather be Reading




Character Createion

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